The tires on your KIA act like the legs of your vehicle. Your tires needs to be fully inflated and hold the recommended amount of tread in order for it to take you where you want to go and need to be. Regular tire rotations and inflations will help maintain your vehicle's performance and keep you safe. Our KIA service center in Florence KY is highly experienced and proficient with tire maintenance that will help keep your vehicle going and going!

Why is Tire Maintenance Important?

Regular tire maintenance is crucial in your vehicle's performance, your fuel efficiency and your own safety! The more you drive your vehicle, the more your tires wear down and lose air and tread. It is important to maintain your tires to keep you and others safe on the road. A popped tire could become a bad fender-bender than just maintaining your tires overall care.

Why are Tires such a Pivotal Part of a Vehicle? Tires are one of the most important elements of your vehicle. Your tires keep your vehicle in traction with the road, steer you around curvy roads and stop your vehicle when you need it to halt. Your safety, and that of others, depends on the TLC that you give toward your tires in order for them to function properly.

When Do I Need New Tires? You can decipher if you need new tires by doing the penny trick! For each tire, insert a penny against the treads with the top of Lincoln's head facing the tire. If the tread does not extend past the top of Lincoln's head, then your tread is too low, indicating that you should get that tire replaced. Repeat this process for each tire and on each edge because your tire could be worn in different areas.

Our service center recommends that you get your vehicle's tires checked and rotated every six months or 7,500 miles, whichever comes first. Check your owner's manual for more specific information regarding your KIA model tires.

Why Visit our KIA Service Center?

At Jake Sweeney KIA, we are pleased to provide a service center that can provide care to all makes and models throughout Florence KY. As a family owned dealer, we take pride in providing the best care and service we can to our customers who are loyal enough to continue to come back each and every time they need a service done to their vehicle. We understand that your vehicle's issues can present themselves at any time, which can be a costly expense that you may not have been prepared for. That is why we offer our customers great part specials that can help minimize the cost on certain parts and accessories. We only have qualified and licensed technicians working with us, to ensure that your vehicle is getting the best care that will keep you on the road for a longer period of time!

Service Reviews

"I had an appointment for a tire rotation and i also needed another key for my car because i had only received one when i purchased it. I dropped my car off at the service center, and went to talk to someone about the key. A man approached me and asked me my name, i told him why i there. He went into his office and about five minutes later, came back and said let's go get you a key. He personally walked me back over to the service center and made all the arrangements for my key to be made, he also offered to cover the cost of the tire rotation. Thank you Jesse Parks for all you did and the personal attention." Review

If your KIA model is in need of new tires or a rotation or fill, you can schedule an appointment at our service center in Florence KY, or contact us by calling (513) 782-2800.


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