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We love our cars for taking us places on time and safely. Because the latter is crucial, ensuring that our Kia Optima is maintained and serviced periodically is important. Our car brakes are significant to our car's operations. If you're noticing a squealing, screeching, or grinding sound stemming from your brakes, then bring your Kia model to Jake Sweeney Kia. Our Kia dealers in Florence, KY are happy to investigate the issue!

Basics of Brakes

Our Kia service and parts center near Cincinnati know the inner-workings and operations of Kia models. Whether you own a Kia Soul or Kia Sorento, we're happy to diagnose the issue with your car brakes.

Brakes comprise brake pads, brake rotors, and brake fluid. Each plays a fundamental role in helping you brake at a red light or before a bevy of pedestrians. Both the pad and rotor equally play an important role. While the pads help you stop, the rotors help the wheels stop from spinning. One cannot function without the other, which is why it's important to ensure both are fully functioning.

Brakes shouldn't be ignored for they help keep Kia drivers safe. They not only prevent road accidents from happening but save you from costly repairs and an injury. If your brakes are producing ominous, jarring noises, then it's time for our Kia service center to inspect them. However, you can avoid this by getting them serviced and inspected regularly, not braking at the last minute, driving with the flow of traffic to avoid braking abruptly, and to spray off your brakes of debris during car washes.

Why Choose Our Kia Dealership?

Kia Service Center

Bring your Kia Sportage to our Florence Kia dealership. We offer expert guidance and service directed by trained technicians. Our friendly staff keeps genuine Kia parts in stock, assuring you that your new Kia model is equipped with quality. In addition, we keep each service running smoothly and efficiently so that no one's time is wasted. When it comes to your Kia brake repair and maintenance, drop by for professional service and continual discounts on parts and service!

Trust Us with All Your Automotive Needs

From our Kia financing staff to our Kia service department, we run a tight ship helmed by courteous and respectful professionals. You pine for safety while piloting your Kia Soul - trust us instead of wasting your precious time, searching the web, Kia dealer near me. Find us at 5969 Centennial Cir.

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