KIA Oil Change in Florence KY

When you get the notice to check your oil in your vehicle, you may see it as a hassle. However, this quick procedure can save you time and money down the line. Our KIA service center in Florence KY will perform your oil change with efficiency and professionalism, getting you back on the road in no time.

Why Should I Get a KIA Oil Change?

It's common for your vehicle to require an oil change every 5,000 miles or so. However, this may change based on your model and engine type, so we encourage you to look at your owner's manual. No matter how frequently you should change your oil, the reasons why always stay the same:

Cleanliness. Dust and errant particles get into your engine over time. However, one of the many purposes of motor oil is to absorb these particles, and as motor oil breaks down gradually, it loses its capacity to keep the engine clean.

Lubrication. That absorbent component of motor oil also soaks up the heat caused by the engine's friction. Without proper lubrication, the engine could overheat, or fall victim to another preventable problem.

Efficiency. A smoothly-run engine will have optimum efficiency, but if the oil is low or old, your gas mileage may decrease. Keep an eye on this factor to determine when it's time for an oil change.

Why Visit Jake Sweeney KIA's Service Center?

There's no need to settle for anything less than incomparable excellence when you're looking for a trained local mechanic. At Jake Sweeney KIA, our dedication to excellence is evident throughout your entire experience. We service many makes and models with efficiency and expertise, and as a result, we received the 2016 Dealer of the Year in Kentucky! It's an exciting time to visit us, as we always have great service coupons available for our savvy shoppers.

We're located right in Florence KY, so come on in and see us next time you need someone to look under the hood!

Service Center Reviews

"My experience at Jake Sweeney Was a very positive, helpful experience. The employees were very pleasant and professional. I really felt like they wanted to help me, and that's exactly what they did... Thank you Dante Goetz for your time and all of your help." - User

Come see us when you need expert work under the hood. Schedule a service appointment with Jake Sweeney KIA today or give us a call at (866) 982-3596!

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