Q: How can I contact Kia Roadside Assistance for tows, lock outs, flat tire, or other services?
A: To reach Kia's roadside assistance, please call 1-800-333-4KIA and select option #1. Please have your vehicle identification number (VIN) available at that time.
Q: What are the terms of Kia's manufacturers limited warranty?
A: Kia's warranty consist of the following terms:
• 10 year/100,000 mile Limited Powertrain coverage
• 5 year/60,000 mile Limited Basic coverage
• 5 year/100,000 mile Limited perforation coverage
• 5 year/60,000 mile roadside assistance coverage
• 3 year/36,000 mile Limited Audio/Radio system coverage
• 3 year/36,000 mile Limited Paint coverage
• 1 year/12,000 mile Adjustment coverage
Q: What is the difference between Basic and Powertrain warranty coverage?
A: The 5 year/60,000 mile Basic warranty basically covers all the components on your Kia that break or become inoperative due to manufacturing defects. The Powertrain warranty only applies to the first owner of the vehicle and covers only the internally lubricated parts of the engine, transmission and driveline. Both Basic and Powertrain warranties do not cover damage caused by accidents, road hazards or owner abuse or neglect.
Q: What is the recommended service interval for changing the oil and filter and rotating the tires on my Kia?
A: Due to the unique climate conditions in our area, Jake Sweeney Kia recommends that you have your oil and filter changed and tires rotated every 6 month or 7,500 miles, whichever occurs first.
Q: What is the warranty on my tires?
A: The tire manufacturer warrants the tires on your Kia for defects. A tire information brochure, which includes the name and telephone number of the tire manufacturer, should be located in the glove box. Please contact your specific tire manufacturer for warranty information.
Q: What are the steps I must take to pair my phone to my Kia's Bluetooth system?
- Ensure Bluetooth wireless technology is turned "on" on your phone.
- Press the CALL button on the steering wheel or the PHONE hard key on your radio.
- In the Bluetooth menu on your phone, select "Search for Bluetooth devices". 
Select the name of your vehicle (KIA MOTORS) displayed on your phone.
- Follow the instructions on your device to confirm the pass key displayed. 
Press "OK" or "Pair" to complete pairing. The contact download may take a few minutes.
- Be sure to allow phonebook downloads and future auto connections on your phone
- If your phone will not pair after following these steps, please call our service department at 859-938-2020 for further assistance.
Q: Why does the voice recognition system on my Kia not understand the name I'm trying to call?
A:  Please follow these best practices for optimal results when using the voice recognition system:
• When using voice recognition to place a call, speak in a natural, moderate tone, with clear pronunciation. The system may have trouble recognizing commands if you speak too soft or too loud.
• Also ensure that all windows and sunroof are closed and that the climate control system fan speed has been lowered to reduce noise in cabin. 
• When storing contact names, use full names instead of short or single syllable names ("John Smith" vs. "Dad" or "Smith Residence" vs. "Home"). 
• Avoid using special characters, emoji's and hyphenated names in your contact list (@,#,$,&,etc.).
• Spell words completely and don't abbreviate ("Doctor Smith" vs. "Dr. Smith").
• Always wait for the beep before speaking any commands.
• Press the talk button and say "Help" to get a list of available commands.
• The voice recognition system may have difficulty understanding some accents or uncommon names.


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